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It all started with Keith.

Canvas began in the hearts of Pastor Travis and Jena Clark while they talked with a man named Keith in Buena Vista Park in 2010.

What started as a dream turned into a reality on Sunday, October 13th, 2013. Since then, a small group of dreamers has turned into a growing community of hundreds.


The Team


Our Beliefs



We believe that God existed before time, is all-powerful, and the Creator of all things. We believe that God is infinite, but we believe that God is also intimate and desires to know and be known by all people. God is not a disconnected deity, but a tangible reality that can be experienced in and through all creation.

The Bible

We believe that the Bible should not be seen as a manual to standardization, but as the manifesto to wonder. It is a collection of books of different genres, written by human authors, over the course of thousands of years. It’s as mysterious as it is beautiful and we believe that it is a story that captures God’s vision for humanity, the world he created, and the future he is inviting us into.


In the beginning, God created humans to be his co-creators with him. Creating a future is humanities original job description. Nowhere did this original call get rescinded, and because of this we believe all of our callings is to create a future worth fighting for by resisting oppression and co-creating with God, a world and future worth passing on to the next generation.


We believe in original human goodness. That in the beginning, God created humanity and declared them to be “good.” (Genesis 1) This does not diminish the reality of brokenness in the world (Genesis 3), but we do not believe that sin is the first word of the human story, and because of Jesus, it will not be the last word, either. We believe every human, no matter what race or gender, is created in the image of God and are equally loved and equally valued by God.

Life Before Death

We not only believe in life-after-death, we believe God has made it possible for all people to know and experience life-before-death. Although Jesus did teach about the afterlife, His teachings are clear that God seeks to restore our present life– here-and-now. Because of that, we are more interested in conversations on who we are becoming, then conversations on where we are going.

The Church

The Church is not an event you attend, it’s a family you belong to. It is a family of people in progress, who seek to practice the way of Jesus together. The Church is not an institution of conformity, but the epicenter of creativity and when the Church lives this out, it has the capacity to become the visible manifestation of the invisible God in a world that desires to see God and know that God sees them.


We’ll save you a seat

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