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Team Humanity

Here at Canvas we are on Team Humanity. This means we stand for the restoration, reconciliation, and renewal of all things. Through our local and global Justice Partners we are actively partnering with Justice Projects through sacrifice, time, and generosity in order to create a future worth passing on to the next generation.


What are "Justice Partners?"

Justice Partners are the people and organizations we work with both locally and globally. When we commit to a Justice Partner, we commit to serve them through serving and generosity.

Can I recommend a new Justice Partner?

Of course! We commit to Justice Partners annually. So please feel free to recommend an organization that you believe would be a great Justice Partner and we will consider them for our upcoming year of Justice Partnerships and projects.

How can I work with a Justice Partner?

You can work with our Justice Partners through one of our Love Your City events that happen quarterly or by simply reaching out to the organization and seeing how you can best help. Additionally, we will do serving trips with our Justice Partners that are outside of the country. Our heart is that you find a Justice Partner that you want to champion and we'll help you get plugged in with their work.

How can I give financially to Justice Partners?

The best way to give to the work of our Justice Partners is by giving through the Canvas App or on this website and designating it to "Justice Partners." All giving designated to Justice Partners will go directly towards funding and advancing their work. You will also be able to receive a tax write off for your donations!

Have questions?

If you are ready to join a CG or have questions about CG's, please feel free to contact us and someone from our Community Team will be in touch with you shortly. We can't wait to see you get plugged in!

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