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Hey, parents!

Being a mom or dad is a lot of work. So whether you are a first-time parent or have multiple kids, we think it is so important to have a community of other parents you can grow with, be encouraged by or simply line up a playdate and grab a cup of coffee with. Parenting is a wild wide, don’t do it alone.

Parenting is no joke. Am I right?

Our Canvas Parent community exists to connect parents with other parents. From having a tribe of parents you meet with regularly, to locking down that last-minute babysitter, our parent community is a great space for you to know and be known by other parents in San Francisco.

Moms Groups

Married or single. If you're a mom, you're in.

Our Moms Groups are a great place to build meaningful friendships with other moms in the city. A weekly gathering and monthly events where mom’s can step out of survival mode and step into a place where they can thrive, be encouraged, refreshed and inspired. We want to make sure no mom ever feels likes she’s in this alone.

Dads Community

We got your back too, Dad!

Being a dad is an incredible fun adventure but it’s one that you shouldn’t trek alone. Our dad’s community is a great way to meet and build strong connections with other dad’s in the city. It is a place to grow and discover how to be the best dad you can possibly be to your children.

Date Nights

Free babysitting? Heck.Yes.

Throughout the year our family events crew offers free childcare so you can run those much needed errands, kids free, grab dinner with friends or spend a fun date night out with your partner. Feeling stress free knowing your kids are in good hands, having a blast with the Canvas Kids team.

Family Socials

Fun events for the entire family.

Throughout the year, Canvas families will come together for a super fun family social. These socials will always include food, drinks, community, and fun for you and the entire family. All Family Socials will be posted on the Canvas App, so keep an eye out for the next social coming up!

Ready to plug in or have a question?

We'd love to answer any questions you have and help you get plugged into a parent community as soon as possible. So feel free to shoot us a note and someone from our Family Community will be in touch with you soon.

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