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Make a difference

One of the best ways to plug into the Canvas community is through joining a Serving Team. When you join a team, you will play a vital role in making Canvas a place where everyone can belong and you’ll build great friendships in the process!

What Serving Teams are there?

There is a Team for everyone! Here's a list of our current teams. Fill out our Serving form, choose team(s) that interest you, and a leader will be in touch with you shortly!

Teams at Canvas:

- Next Step (Greeters/Hospitality)
- Canvas Kids
- Worship (Musicians/Vocalists)
- Experience (Audio, Visual, & Sound)
- Brew Crew (Baristas)
- Story Team (Videographers & Photographers)
- Set Up & Tear Down
- Safety Team (Security)
- Community Group Leader
- Prayer Team

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